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KZ Speedy ETC Booster
  • KZ Speedy ETC Booster

    Electronic throttle control system models, the depth of the ECU control the electronic throttle of the gas pedal and the vehicle speed together to analyze, and ultimately to calculate the current appropriate throttle. Suddenly accelerate when drivers start (the pedal in the end), the ECU according to the current vehicle speed, throttle size analysis, considered from the perspective of fuel economy and emissions will be appropriate to limit the throttle open rise, while controlling spray The oil system limits fuel injectors to maximize fuel injection. Do so to make the driver feel obviously a delay car began to force the gas pedal, this is the so-called throttle retardation. Therefore, the throttle hysteresis output performance by limiting the engine instantly in fact, trip computer (ECU), This will make vehicles more environmentally friendly, energy saving.

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