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Slotted Disc Rotors

Slotted rotors, as the name implies, have grooves cut along the face of the rotor where the pad makes contact. This is because under repeated heavy braking, as the temperature of your brake system increases, a layer of gas and dust forms between the pad and rotor from the material transfer caused by friction. The slots in the rotor allow an escape route for the built-up gases. This allows more of the brake pad’s surface area to contact the rotor, resulting in better pad bite and more consistent stops. Also, this increased surface contact results in a higher coefficient of friction, so you’re actually using less energy to slow your vehicle the same amount. The venting provided by slotted rotors is one of the main ways to combat brake fade and maintain consistent stopping power, lap after lap. Be aware, however, that some dedicated slotted “racing” rotors actually employ a sharp edge on the slots to cut into the brake pad a small amount for better bite, but this can greatly accelerate brake wear.

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Who Should Get Slotted Disc Rotors ?

The slotted disc is generally recommended for those use favor a more “extreme” use of the disc. For all types of brake discs, particularly for those with machining on the braking band as in the case of drilled and slotted discs.


This prevents the risk of cracks forming both for the drilled and slotted discs. Nevertheless, limitedly to use in extreme conditions, as racing conditions can be, or even simply for track sessions, the slotted disc boasts greater mechanical resistance compared to the drilled disc, so it should be preferred.​


​The differences in terms of performance are basically non-existence, especially if we consider sporty use, albeit still on the road. We need to point out, in order to avoid inappropriate use and therefore to avoid a pointless expense, that use on the track requires another type of product, designed specifically for racing.​

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Why Should Get KZ Speedy Slotted Disc Rotor ?

Unique Slotted

Wipes away gas and debris, keeping a clean contact patch for safe, smooth braking.


Each of our slotted disc is tested and balance for safe and smooth braking

Drill Holes

Drill holes allow for maximum rotor cooling. This keeps your brake temperatures down during extreme operating conditions

Professional Installer

We will make sure your rotor disc installed properly before running operation to make sure the disc working smoothly

Slotted Disc Rotors Gallery

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