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Steering Wheel

Welcome To Kz Speedy

At KZ Speedy Auto Supply, our staff of friendly and knowledgeable professionals are ready to show you a vast selection of top quality, original auto supplies for any car. From updating your vehicle to getting more safety ,comfort ,performance and protection, you name it - we have it… or we can get it for you. Whether you’re shopping for your own car or you’d like to sell our products, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

KZ Performance Disc rotor 

Disc rotor with slot to prevent overheat & distorted when braking on high speed .improve brake efficiency & resolve steering shack problem when  braking.

KZ Wide Tread Spacer

Make your car look nice with your original sport rim*

*ADVANTAGES *- are that you can make your wheels fit the car a bit better. Wheel spacers can also be used to keep your wheels from running into your brake calipers. If you install a set of after-market wheels with incorrect backspacing, spacers can help correct the problem.

  • These high quality wheel spacers are a simple bolt on to give an instant increase in wheel width for added stability.

kz spacer4.jpg

KZ ETC sport controller

*Feeling engine under power ?

*slow response when acceleration ?

-KZ speedy ETC make your car more power & more responsive  (quicker overtaking,better uphill start,better downshift response )

-ECO mode -smooth  & fuel save

-Plug & play  without cut any wire.


High Quality Waterless Coolant

-Prevent corrosion
-Lower system pressure
-Prevent overheat
-Protect from -40°C to 190°C
-Increase power performance
-Keep engine smooth and quiet
-Temperature stabiliser control

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Vehicle Safety Bar



Your Local Dealers

You’re in Good Hands

Interested in shopping our large collection of auto parts, but not sure where to go or who to call? KZ Speedy Auto Supply redistributes its products to several dealers, making it easy for customers to find a conveniently located dealership. Contact KZ Speedy Auto Supply directly or stop by any one of your local dealers today!


Your Local Dealer

Looking to purchase a specific auto part, but don’t know where to go? Contact us today to find out where to shop for our supplies.

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